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Healthcare Lobbying & Policy Development

A well-recognized PA healthcare lobbying firm, Malady & Wooten is experienced in a variety of medical advocacy services – including Medicaid and Medicare advocacy, maximization of reimbursement rates, and facilitation of licensures. Our diverse knowledge and expertise has helped us to become one of the top healthcare advocacy organizations in Pennsylvania.

As renowned PA healthcare advocates, we’ve secured numerous victories for our clients over the years. We recognize that healthcare policy is often as much about working with PA regulators and partners as it is about building the structural foundation and funding of the program itself. That’s why our healthcare lobbyists take policy change advocacy seriously – both within the state administration and in various departments in and outside of Harrisburg. Our team will help you successfully advocate for rate and funding increases, regulatory changes, and flexibilities for providers.

Stacy Gromlich and our other experienced lobbyists have been instrumental in PA healthcare reform by advocating for items like additional payment options within the Medicaid program; more transparent rate processes; and legislative successes within the Medical Marijuana Program. Our experience, policy work, and understanding of the intricate Pennsylvania healthcare system have resulted in many impactful changes for our clients prior to and throughout the pandemic.

Our PA Healthcare Lobbying Services

With a proven track record as an effective PA healthcare lobbying firm, Malady & Wooten is well-equipped to help your organization navigate the nuances of Medicaid and Medicare advocacy, reimbursement rates and funding solutions, and other medical advocacy services within Pennsylvania’s complex healthcare space.

  • Medicaid & Medicare Advocacy: Regarding Medicaid & Medicare advocacy and lobbying, we offer a wealth of expertise and a unique skill set that positions us as a key asset for any organization. Our extensive background in PA healthcare reform informs our strategic approach of prioritizing client goals while navigating the complex landscape of Medicaid and Medicare policies and regulations. We understand that the nuances of Medicaid & Medicare reimbursement rates and funding measures can significantly impact healthcare providers, and we are committed to advocating for policies that serve the best interests of our clients.

    Leveraging our strong relationships with key figures in the government and our in-depth understanding of the legislative process, we can effectively lobby for changes that can optimize the Medicaid and Medicare programs for the benefit of providers and patients alike. Whether it’s securing increased funding, pushing for regulatory adaptations, or advocating for greater transparency in rate processes, our Medicaid and Medicare lobbying services can deliver significant value to your organization.
  • Maximization of Reimbursement Rates: Through our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of PA healthcare lobbying, we are uniquely positioned to aid organizations in navigating the complexities of reimbursement rates. We fully understand how changes in reimbursement rates can significantly impact the financial health of healthcare providers. With a strategic approach that prioritizes our clients’ goals, we are adept at advocating for regulations that optimize reimbursement rates. The result is improved revenue streams for healthcare organizations.

    Malady & Wooten’s proven track record includes successful lobbying for increased funding and greater transparency in rate processes — both of which directly affect reimbursement rates. Our expertise in PA healthcare lobbying can help your organization maximize its potential and navigate the convoluted landscape of healthcare reimbursement rates.
  • Medical Licensure: As a seasoned PA healthcare lobbying firm, our company is well-versed in assisting organizations with medical licensure in Pennsylvania. Whether you require a license for an ambulatory surgical facility, or licensure for a home health agency, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. We can also assist with obtaining licensure for other facilities like nursing homes, personal care homes, mental health units, drug and alcohol treatment providers, and pharmacies – among many others.

    At Malady & Wooten, we are intimately familiar with the stringent regulations, protocols, and paperwork associated with obtaining and maintaining licensure. We can help you to streamline the process, ensuring that your organization is compliant with all state regulations and avoids any potential pitfalls. Our vast network of contacts within government can facilitate open lines of communication, making the licensure process smoother and more efficient.
  • Regulatory Changes: Our firm is also highly skilled and experienced in facilitating regulatory changes within the Pennsylvania healthcare system. From advocating for a simplified and flexible process to lobbying for added clarity and inclusion in healthcare regulations, we have a proven track record of success.

    Leveraging our deep-rooted government connections and extensive understanding of the legislative process, we push for policies that are strategically aligned with our clients’ needs and best serve the interests of healthcare providers and their patients.

At Malady & Wooten, we take pride in helping our clients to navigate the complexities of the PA healthcare system and secure the funding they need to maintain the highest quality of care. With Stacy Gromlich and our other skilled lobbyists on your side, you can maximize your organization’s potential and streamline its operations within the intricate healthcare landscape of Pennsylvania.

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