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Malady & Wooten: A Trusted Name in PA Government Affairs Consulting Firms

As one of the top PA government affairs consulting firms, Malady & Wooten understands the complex nature of engaging with Pennsylvania’s government. We have been providing top-tier public affairs consulting and government contract consulting services for over 25 years. We have clients throughout the United States, ranging from nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 corporations and municipalities.

Our willingness to advocate for causes and issues on both sides of the political spectrum is why we’ve been recognized as both an ethical and influential lobbying firm. From lobbying for legislation that will benefit your organization to securing contracts with the government, Malady & Wooten is there for you every step of the way. 

Not only do our skilled consultants engage in face-to-face communications with PA government officials, but they also take pride in keeping clients informed on changing regulations and public affairs. This creates a collaborative strategic decision-making process, setting our firm apart from the rest. We also have an extensive network of policymakers both in and outside of Harrisburg. These relationships give us an added advantage when helping clients succeed in their public affairs initiatives.

Our Pennsylvania Government Affairs Consulting & Lobbying Services

Strategic Planning: Changing economic conditions and competitive realities often requires a shift in strategic focus. Strategic planning is critical in these instances. Our trusted advisors are skilled in government relations and can help clients navigate through these challenges and receive the government assistance they need to achieve their goals.

Direct Lobbying: Effective direct lobbying comes down to strong personal relationships and a thorough understanding of the many issues that come before the legislature. Our public affairs staff draws on our firm’s depth of knowledge to forecast an issue’s outcome, helping to educate PA public officials while developing a solution that advances our clients’ interests.

Our lobbying services include PA healthcare lobbying. We can help your organization through Medicaid and Medicare advocacy, reimbursement rates and funding solutions, and other state healthcare advocacy services. We are also an acclaimed energy lobbying firm, providing our clients with the guidance they need to make informed judgments, regulatory changes, and technological advances in the world of Pennsylvania energy public affairs.

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Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring: Our staff works tirelessly to gather information in Harrisburg — attending meetings, conferences, and floor sessions. Every bill or amendment that could affect our clients’ interests is reviewed, as are regulations issued by agencies of the Commonwealth. The result of this legislative and regulatory monitoring is fewer surprises and more effective protection of our clients’ interests.

Economic Development & Appropriations: We are dedicated to helping nonprofits and other organizations secure the funding they need to turn their programs and building projects into reality. We have facilitated numerous Pennsylvania economic development grants and have successfully secured funds in the state of Pennsylvania.

Procurement Assistance: Organizations looking to secure PA government contracts for goods or services need a consulting firm that can navigate through the state’s complex competitive bidding process. Our Pennsylvania procurement assistance is provided by specialists who know the ropes, have strong relationships, and adhere to best practices.

PAC Management & Advice: A political action committee (PAC) can be an effective tool to communicate with legislators. However, forming and running a Pennsylvania PAC can be complex. Our PAC management and advice service helps you to track incoming and outgoing funds, comply with reporting requirements, and deal with numerous other tasks like participation recruitment and fundraising.
Regardless of your organization’s industry or sector, our team of Pennsylvania government affairs consultants is here to help you develop a strategy for success. Click on one of our services above or contact us at 717-236-9600 to see how we can maximize your influence in the Commonwealth.

Energy Lobbying: The energy landscape is going through a period of rapid change and transition. Influencing energy policy at the state level is critical now more than ever.  Malady & Wooten has decades of experience representing power generators, oil and gas companies, public utilities, renewable energy companies, and retail suppliers in both the state legislative and regulatory arenas.   

Our track record of success has allowed us to maintain strong relationships with a number of key stakeholders, including but not limited to the Governor’s office, legislative leaders, committee chairs, the Public Utility Commission, and the Department of Environmental Protection.  Our team of government relations specialists has extensive expertise in the development and execution of energy policy to help achieve your company’s goals.

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